Moral of Myoogame

                                             Myoo represent we insist to presume the beauty. In the unreal wonderful game word, each character, environment, modeling textures, frames action is brand new creation of beauty. In CG, beauty is waiting to be created.

                                              Every great game is rely on the creative production team and skillful art team, so as a game art outsourcing provider we will make every effort to contribute the best works, to ensure the game will make success and popular. This is how we run Myoogame: achieve the beauty of your value.

                                              Myoogame stuff’s key value:Take Responsibility, honesty and Excellence

                                             Take responsibility,every staff should take the responsibility to his/her job, do best to make value. It also means growth, so keep leaning and training.

                                             Honesty is a internal communication way in Myoogame, and client also put their trust to Myoogam.

                                             Excellence,everyone is keep improving themselves, in each projects and working life.

                                             Myoogame believes in --- achieve the beauty of your value.