Case background

                                          It designed by Digital Sky independent, it is a large round RPG mobile game. Fully portable RPG game.

                                          Requirement analysis

                                          《夢幻仙靈》require pictures quality to be ultimate perfection, character design must be beautiful, smooth and gorgeous special effects fighting. Before the project began, the client emphasize to us bring a first-class picture and smoothly sense of fight, whether mad, cool, or cute , always able to meet the different needs of players, led players into the magnificent and beautiful wonder world.

                                          Case highlight

                                          Because of the tough project making, at the beginning of the project, the customer is quite picky. However Myoogame art team was not discouraged,  we actively cooperate with customers to find the right solution. After that, the project went very smoothly till to the end, Myoogame did it again.

                                          Case demonstrates